RJM Music MasterMind PBC / 10

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RJM Music MasterMind PBC / 10

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The RJM Music MasterMind PBC / 10 is the industry standard setter for Pedalboard Audio Switchers & MIDI Controllers.

Mastermind PBC/10 Features

10 audio loops, arranged in a group of 4 loops, a group of 2 loops and another group of 4 loops, with insert points in between

  • True-bypass switching – the best for preserving your guitar’s tone!

  • The last four loops are stereo capable using TRS jacks

  • Each of the last four loops can be switched between series and parallel routing, using an internal line mixer

  • The two outputs can be used as left and right outputs for a stereo signal, or as A and B outputs to A/B switch a mono signal between two amps

  • The B output has a switchable isolation transformer and a programmable phase switch

  • Three audio buffers, each of which can be enabled or disabled by IA button or as part of a preset (before loop 1, before loop 7 and after loop 10)

  • Click Stopper noise reduction circuit, which can be switched between two positions (before loop 7 or after loop 10)

  • 11 buttons, each with a multi-color LED indicator

  • Buttons are user configurable – any button can be set to any function and LED color

  • Easy to read backlit LCD display that can display preset and song names, plus other status

  • Built in tuner

  • MIDI input & output connections, powered by the MIDI “brain” of our Mastermind GT controller

  • USB device port for connection to a PC or Mac. This allows the Mastermind PBC to send MIDI commands to a computer, or to communicate with the Mastermind PBC editor software.

  • USB host port for use with a USB thumb drive. Back up and restore settings to a flash drive, and also use a flash drive to perform firmware upgrades

  • Two 1/4-inch TRS jacks that provide four function switches. These can be used to control the channel switching and other features on an amplifier

  • Expression pedal input that can be programmed to generate MIDI messages

  • External switch input allows two more switches to be added. These switches can be programmed to perform any function

  • Mac and PC editor software allows for faster and more comprehensive editing, including deep MIDI editing and changing button layouts.

  • 3 year limited warranty


Mastermind PBC/10 Specs

768 presets

  • 1000 songs, 64 setlists

  • Can control up to 16 MIDI devices

  • 20 MIDI messages can be assigned per button (PC, CC, Note, Sysex)

  • Dimensions: 17.5″ (w) x 5.5″ (d) x 3.33″ (h) / 44.5 cm (w) x 14.0 cm (d) x 8.38 (h)

  • Weight: 4 lbs / 1.8 kg

  • Power Requirements: 9VDC 500mA or 12VDC 400mA, Can be powered with Voodoo Lab power supplies that have a 12VDC 400mA output.