Nice Rack Canada recently built up this showcase pedalboard for our friends at Tribute Audio Designs.

This pedalboard system will be making some visits to music stores, guitar shows and gigs in the near future. Starting this Friday, May 6 at Nice Rack Canada’s Open House for #CMW  Followed by the Stompbox Exhibit May 7 & 8 at Moog Audio Toronto

Tribute Audio Designs is a Peterborough, Ontario boutique shop specializing in Amp & Effects Pedal Building, Vintage Circuit Cloning, Modifications, & Repairs. Tribute Audio Designs is top shelf humans doing top shelf work at a cost conscious Canadian price tag. Affordable for Canadians, and “on sale” for our southern neighbours.

Featured on this pedaboard are the Dirty Bastard Germanium Boost, Fresh Squeeze Compressor, Classy Lady Overdrive, Big Fatty Fuzz, Tremor Vibrato, El Verbo Reverb & Vocal Effects Integrator.  A Headphone Amp / Cabinet Simulator is also built into the board allowing for headphone or amplifier level demos.

All powered by the cornerstone of all good pedalboards, the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+

Tone seekers & pedal porn aficionados you want some of this action, come get some this weekend!