We build pedalboard & rack systems for musicians all over the world. How each one comes together is combination of our process based on experience and each client’s unique criteria.

To start your system build please contact us using the form to the right. We will schedule a consultation with you in person at our shop or telephone, as indicated by your location.

During your consultation we will discuss your current equipment, related purchases you may be considering, intended use, playing environment & transportation logistics.

Our shop rate of $80 per hour is applied for the generally 1 hour in length consultation process. The consultation fee is refunded to the client upon final invoicing of a system build.

All systems are built on a “Time & Materials” basis. We provide the client with a detailed time & materials estimate. Our time estimates are guaranteed.

System builds are placed on our production calendar & materials are apportioned upon payment of the invoice. Production scheduling is made to accommodate the client’s calendar & our production calendar.

Delivery times are indicated by the design of the system & any required freight inbound logistics. Most systems can be built in a few days, but may require some advance time for design, planning and shipping.

All systems are delivered in a “plug & play” state with basic programming of all devices as necessary, Ancillary Cabling with Flow Charts & Instructions as necessary.

When a client picks up a system in person, we will go through a instruction session on setup, tear down and basic use.

We can also provide further programming instruction & support as needed.


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