Every system we build is a custom configuration uniquely reflecting each client’s playing style, ergonomics, signal flow & transportation logistics. We invoice every system build on a “Time & Materials” basis.

Our shop labour rate is $80 per hour, commensurate with many other Music Instrument & Amplifier Repair shops in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our materials are price matched to large volume online retailers of electronic components. We only use premium grade materials by manufacturers such as Evidence, Mogami & Canare Cable, SwitchCraft, Neutrik & CalRad Connectors, Carling Switches, Hammond Enclosures & Transformers.

We sell MIDI Controllers, Audio Switchers, Amp Controllers, Expression Pedals, Line Mixers, Power Supplies and many other “Infrastructure” items for Rack & Pedalboard Systems. We can also acquire any effects or amps you may need to complete your system build.

Every system has some common elements, the prices for which are listed below in Canadian Dollars & are for general comparative value, not intended to reflect an actual system build estimate.

Pedalboard Blanks

  • Ply/ABS Construction $89 – $329

  • Perforated Aluminum Construction $209 – $399

Rolling Pedalboard Cases

  • Nanuk & Pelican Cases in pre-determined sizes $249 – $559

  • Custom Built Ply/ABS Construction $400 – $550

  • Custom Built Welded Aluminum Construction $500 – $700

Shockmount Rack Cases

  • Ply/ABS Construction $350 – $1250

  • Welded Aluminum Construction $500 – $1500

Voodoo Lab, Strymon & CAE Power Supplies

  • $150 – $349 depending on number of pedals & current draw

Audio Cables

  • $30 per patch cable on pedalboard or in rack

  • $65 per cable in 25′ Stage Multicore

Low Voltage Cables (Power Supply to Pedals)

  • $20 per cable on pedalboard or in rack

  • $50 per cable in 25′ Stage Multicore

MIDI Cables

  • $25 Straight Connector to Straight Connector

  • $30 Straight Connector to Right Angle Connector

  • $35 Right Angle Connector to Right Angle Connections

  • $50 per cable in 25′ Stage Multicore with Straight Connectors

In & Out Latching Connection Boxes – We provide a latching connection point on each pedalboard or rack system for all cables connecting to the system. Your system will never be accidentally unplugged at the most inconvenient time. Aside from providing a patch point, these boxes may also contain a number of different system functions, uniquely reflecting the needs of the system & player.

  • Enclosure $25 to $50

  • Through Connections $25

  • Buffers $50, with switchable Clean Boost function $85

  • Switchable Output Isolation Transformer $50 Per Output

  • Switchable Output Phase Inversion $50 Per Output

  • System Mute Switch $35

  • Signal Order Reverse Switch $50

  • Momentary Tap Tempo Switch $35

  • “Unbuffer” Impedance Adjustment Circuit $35

  • Effects Loop Circuit $35

  • 4CM to Series Wired Switching Circuit $50

Total labour time varies from system to system dependent on the complexity of the system and solutions engineered.


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