Nice Rack Canada recently built up this pedalboard for a local player.  The client came to us after experiencing some frustration in putting together a system on his own.

Thanks to our friends at Steve's Music Toronto and their Nice Rack Canada pedalboards display, our client became aware of our services.

After seeing our handiwork, the client called us, made an appointment to drop off his gear. 2 weeks later the client returned to pickup his new built, tested & programmed system.

The system features a trio of our current favorite pedals, the "Tiny Titans" by Xotic. We install a lot of the SP Compressor, EP Boost & SL Drive for good reason. These units sound amazing, occupy a very small footprint, and they play nicely with system PSU's accepting input voltage from 9 to 18VDC at very low current draw.

The signal flow for the system is;

Guitar --> Input Buffer --> Dunlop Jerry Cantrell Wah --> One Control Crocodile Tail Loop Switcher Input 1 --> Loop 1 Electro Harmonix PitchFork, Loop 2 Xotic SP Compressor, Loop 3 Xotic EP Boost, Loop 4 Xotic SL Drive, Loop 5 OCD, Loop 6 Tech21 OMG, Loop 7 Boss Eq, Switcher Out 1 --> Mission Volume Pedal --> Amp In / Amp Send --> Switcher Buffer In / Buffer Out --> Switcher In 8 --> Loop 8 Strymon Mobius, Loop 9 TC Electronic Flashback Delay, Loop 10 Strymon Big Sky, Out 10 --> TC Electronic Ditto Looper --> Radial Pro DI In/Thru --> Amp Return . 

Loop 9 & 10 both spillover mixed by Nice Rack Canada Spillover Mixers.

System power is supplied by the bedrock of system psu's, the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+.

Hitting the wall with your pedalboard dreams? Bring them to Nice Rack Canada and we'll make them into sonic reality.