When your guitar tone needs a warp drive jump to hyper space, Nice Rack Canada can make your rack system fantasy become reality.

This matrix routing system is chock full of some of our favourite colours on the tone palette.

Every preset can recall different signal flows through analog and modelling technology as the user wishes.

The “Harmonics” drawer of the system is a single input & output on the Matrix Switcher, sub switched through a RJM Music Mini Effects Gizmo. On loops 1-5 of the MEG are a KTR Klon, Vemura Karen, Paul Cochrane Timmy, Analog Man Guitar Effect King of Tone & Fulltone OCD with sweepable 5 to 18 Volt Supply to nail any nuance of the OCD a player could desire.

The “Processor” drawer of the system features an Xoti SP Compressor and 3x Eventid H9’s including, 1 of the 99 units that were 24 karat gold plated by Eventide to celebrate the H9’s 1st anniversary.

The Jim Dunlop Rack Wah allows extremely finite tweakability over all user parameters to help the user sculpt their own unique Wah sound.

The Fractal Audi Axe FX II is used for Amp & Effects Modelling that can be routed in Mono or Stereo to any of the 3 Amplifier Outputs or to a Matrix GT1000 Power Amp into a dedicated set of cabinets.

Amp functions are controlled by a RJM Music Mini Amp Gizmo.

The SwitchBlade GL’s Inputs & Outputs are 1mΩ impedance, which is great for loading the output of almost any guitar related electronics. However it’s not so great for getting correct response from the input stage of Effects or Amplifiers.

With this in mind we have built up passive impedance adjustment circuits inserted between the SwitchBlade and the Effect / Amp Inputs that will attenuate the signal to 10kΩ.

The entire system is under the control of the RJM Music MasterMind GT-22 MIDI Controller. Quite simply, the last MIDI Controller you’ll ever need to buy.

Nice Rack Canada has worked with this controller since the beta test group, in the 3 years that have passed since, we have yet to “max out” it’s capabilities, no matter how much demand we put on it.

Nice Rack Canada – Purveyors of Gear Porn since way back.