An compact pedalboard with a tonne of tone for Ladies of the Canyon Bassist, Anna Ruddick.

99 Different Effects, Clean Boost, Compressor & a Tuner in a Pedalboard system small enough to fit through a carryon luggage sizer.

Packed in a Pelican 1510 case with cables, setlists and gig accessories, checked weight 28 lbs with rollers and extension handle. When paired with a Backpack Gig Bag, this system gives the player totally portability with amazing tone and a wide variety of sonic options.

The system is constructed atop a The Custom District Perforated Aluminum Stock Pedalboard. The super strong and lightweight material is 40% lighter than a Ply & ABS Laminate pedalboard of comparable size. When every ounce matters in a total system weight, the Custom District Pedalboard is a clear cut winner combined with a bold look. A Custom District modified Altoids tin for accessories compliments the build.

The Eventide H9 controlled by a custom MIDI controller gives the player a number of Bass specific top quality effects presets and a Tuner Function.

The custom switcher includes a MIDI controller made from a Randall Amplifiers FC8 MIDI card housed in Road Rage Pro Gear Staggered enclosure and wired up by Nice Rack Canada. The controller is preprogrammed to send PC#’s 1 through 8.

With the H9 Control Application, we were able to create set lists of 8 presets specific to each of Anna’s gigs with LOTC and her sidewoman work. The switcher also includes a switchable Clean Boost circuit and Auxiliary Switch control for the H9's Bypass & Tuner functions.

The System PSU is a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital.

The MXR Bass Compressor is used almost constantly to provide a minor amount of dynamic trimming and lots of sustain.

The System I/O Box with Latching Connections also provides input toggling between Anna's Fender Jazz & upright basses. Anna's upright has a built in pre-amp that delivers a much hotter signal than her Jazz bass, to a provide a unity gain input structure for the rig, a switchable Volume Pad Circuit was also installed in the I/O box.

Custom Switcher, I/O Box, System Design & Build by Nice Rack Canada.