A series wired pedalboard built for Toronto based Grateful Dead tribute band Mars Hotel. guitarist Mark Arbus.

Mark came to us in a panic a few days before a gig. He'd made the mistake of hiring a part time rig builder who offered the sweetness of low price, and the bitterness of failure.

The 1st rig arrived with solder-less connections failing, a poorly chosen programmable switcher, wall warts stuck to plug strips on the underside of the board (gravity?!) and no signal flow chart from the builder.

Understandably Mark was stressed with a sold out gig coming up in a few days. We pushed aside the project we were working on and whipped up this series wired rig for him to get through the rig and beyond.

No matter what condition you come to us under, we'll make your sonic fantasies come true and take the headaches out of your gear situation.

Powered by Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Iso 5 & Digital.

System Design & Fabrication by Nice Rack Canada.