Built for Session guitarist extraordinaire Rob Piltch, also a member of the avant garde cabaret combo Nick Buzz, and The Art of Time Ensemble chamber orchestra.

Due to the super quiet stage volume of the chamber orchestra environment, the signal path and "noise floor" of the system had to be super quiet. Each effect pedal's mechanical switches had to be quiet as possible as well.

Mono Dynamic Effects into Stereo Modulation & Delay with Stereo Volume Control.

Buffered Split Dry line to Mixer for Parallel with 100% Wet Stereo Effects. Also buffered split to send signal to tuner constantly, provides a visual "cheat" for hitting certain intervals on a pitch bend, also allows for volume swelling a bent note while coming in on pitch with other players.

Clickless switching installed in Overdrives & Compressor. Clickless Switching "External" Effects loop between Dynamics and Post Effects for easy insertion of extra effects into signal path.

Switching Circuit to sum Stereo Effects to Mono for Single Amp gigs, no re-patching, no signal loss, no phase issues.

Latching In & Out Connection points for Signal & Power to the pedalboard. The Amplifier I/O box features Switchable Ground Isolation Transformers for the Left & Right Amp Outputs and Clickless Relays for silent switching to Mute.

Updated system PSU with no "wall warts" for Strymon pedals.

Sync'd Tap Tempo from Time Line to Mobius.

MIDI Integration point for connecting the Strymon pedals to an external sequence/recording.

Set up and tear down time is under 2 minutes.