A series wired true bypass switching pedalboard system for a Toronto wedding band player. An ideal set up for the "working" player who needs hardware to help him cover a variety of playing styles.

The client came to us with a list of criteria, Great Tone, Portability, Easy Set Up & Tear Down, No Tap Dancing. Before working with us the client had purchased a Musicomlab Switcher to help with his criteria, but became frustrated by the process. We were able to step in and utilize the previously purchased hardware to help the client achieve his desired result.

We built the system and then spent 1 hour teaching the client how to program the switcher on Friday and he was all set for gigging on Saturday. The client called us on Monday to report the gig had been his best ever playing experience. The client reported clearer tone, much more dynamic response from the rig, no tap dancing and accelerated logistics.

When you're ready to make your rig work for you rather than you working for the rig, let us know and we can turn your tone fantasies into reality.

System powered by Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+ & Pedal Power Digital.

System design & build by Nice Rack Canada.