Guitarist Alex Garcia of Mayday Parade wanted to get a new pedalboard together for the band's upcoming tour. With a new record coming out in October lots of touring will follow.

Alex had been using a PedalTrain board in an ATA flight case. The total weight of the board, case & contents was 74 pounds making it a nightmare for checked luggage fly dates.

Alex had been using a RoadRageProGear switcher and liked having it as the core of his system. A few mods were mod to the circuit to reflect the updated needs of his rig. For ergonomics and functionality an unused switch was removed. A Master Bypass Added and Buffer Circuit with Tuner Sidechain & System Mute were also added.

Alex had been using a NS2 for noise suppression in his past rigs leaving it in his signal path continuously. By ensuring proper grounding, and using isolated power supplies, I was able to get the hum out of his signal path. For security's sake I left the NS2 on the board on a Recessed Toggle Switchable loop instead of inline. Upon system testing the NS2 wasn't required anymore, the loop is now available to Alex to be used for any "final" stage of processing prior to the amps. Possibilities include a Dynamics Compressor or Limiter.

Total weight of the new system in it's Pelican 1720 Rifle Case is 47 pounds, getting it under the TSA's 50 pound cut off for checked luggage. Allowing Alex to have his rig with him at every show including the dreaded fly date. The old flight case with only thePedalTrain board and the no longer in use "wall wart" psu's inside, shipped out at 44 pounds. When you can have a 47 pound rig ready to travel or a 44 pound empty box, the choice becomes clear quickly.