A "Wet/Dry/Wet" Pedalboard with Switchable 4 Wire Configuration.

Featuring Canadian pedal finery from Empress Effects, Compressor, Para Eq, Multi Drive & Tape Delay.

Parallel Overdrive & Clean Signal mixed by a Nice Rack Canada customized RJM Music Mini Line Mixer. Delay + Chorus into Eventide Space Parallel Mixed with Dry Signal by RJM Music Mini Line Mixer.

When used in a "Non 4 Wire" Configuration, 2x RJM Music Y Nots are used to Toggle between Amp Channels on the TRVR Handwired Little Boy combos.

Powered by Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Mondo.

System design, Custom cabling, System I/O boxes, Space Controller & Switching Expression Pedal by Nice Rack Canada.