Fresh off the Nice Rack Canada workbenches comes a tour size pedalboard system for guitarist Aaron Marshall of I N T Ξ R V Λ L S.

The new I N T Ξ R V Λ L S album is nearly done, tour dates & rehearsals are booked so it's time to get the gear ready for a global excursion of great tone & virtuoso playing.

Picking up where we left off with Aaron's writing rig, we wanted to implement the very best tools for Aaron to perform his new compositions in a more compact footprint that would lend itself well to touring logistics.

To do so we started at the core of the system, the switcher. We repeated our choice with the standard setting RJM Music MasterMind PBC to handle audio switching and MIDI control. Once you work with an RJM Music controller, it's hard to imagine working with anything but RJM Music.

Aaron spent countless hours experimenting with various Compressors + Overdrive + Amp Voicing combinations until he finally settled on this lean & mean set of Dynamic & Harmonic tone shaping tools that is comprised of a DigiTech FreqOut, Suhr Koji Compressor, Bogner Harlow Compressor / Boost, Horizon Devices Precision Drive, KHDK Ghoul Screamer, Empress Para Eq & ISP Decimator.

Modulation colours & Time dimensions in the system are provided by a Jim Dunlop EchoPlex Delay, a Strymon Mobius in Pre/Post configuration as part of the system's "4CM" signal routing, a Strymon TimeLine & a Strymon BigSky.

Further control of the system is provided by a Treble Bleed modified Boss FV-30 volume pedal, and a pair of PBC External Switches, with one switch programmed Globally as a Tap Tempo and the 2nd Switch on a "Per Preset" basis.

The MasterMind PBC's 10 loops are all in use and the signal flow demanded a total of 12 loops. With this mind Nice Rack Canada built up 2x custom single effects loop switchers that are remote controlled by the PBC's Function Switches that allow the Nice Rack Canada loops to be under the system's MIDI Control on a per preset basis.

The Nice Rack Canada system interface contains all sorts of sonic secret sauce to fully integrate the rig's components in the manner that the client desired. Among the ingredients are a Spillover Mixer for the EchoPlex with a switchable Phase Inverter for the wet signal.

We also included a tunable Input Buffer with output splits to the system, a Dry Re-Amping DI and a TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Blacklight. Additionally there are Switchable Isolation Transformers for each output and a 4CM to Series mode switching circuit to allow the system's "Post Effects" to be routed in series to an amp that may not have an effects loop.

In keeping with the criteria of minimum possible weight & footprint, we used the Strymon Zuma + 2x Ojai power supplies. The new SquarePlug SP400 plug allows us have an overall smaller system footprint as well, leading to the lowest possible weight for maximum derived value of the system in the touring realm.

No matter where you intend to use your rig in the studio, on the road or at home, Nice Rack Canada can build the system of your dreams to the highest possible standard that will give you years of top quality tone.