Love and Mercy 01.jpg

It feels good to be back to building rigs here at Nice Rack Canada after a summer of landlord induced headaches.

The first rig we’re proud to post from the new shop location is a series wired affair with a custom switcher & power supplies.

This switcher is the largest model we’ve built to date. This unit features;

  • 12 standard effects loops

  • 4 spillover mixed loops for Delays & Reverb

  • 1 signal order reversing switch

  • Tap Tempo sync for multiple delays

  • Clean Boost Circuit

  • System Mute

  • 5 OD/Fuzz Buffers with user adjustable gain & output impedance

  • 1 Tape Echo Output Loading Buffer

Love and Mercy 02.jpg

This pedalboard is loaded with some absolutely beautiful renditions of classic guitar effects. Wah, Fuzz & Vibe by Castledine Electronics.

Dynamics are handled by Bjorn Uhl’s Eq & Compressor. The Zuul Noise Gate is a new favourite of ours by Fortin Amplification. A tasty slab of amp smacking boost by Solo Dallas. Warming things up on the front end is a Secret PreAmp by Chase Tone.

The Barber Gain Changer & PedalPalFX PAL959 provide new takes on classic flavours, the ProCo Rat is a vintage piece owned by the client for multiple decades, rounding out the harmonic stacking quartet is a Lovepedal COT50.

More modulators are the AnalogMan Chorus & a AnalogMan modded MXR ‘74 Vintage Phase 90.

Delays are by MXR’s EchoPlex Delay and a Maestro EPIII Tape Echo. Reverb is an MXR M300 Reverb.

Love and Mercy 03.jpg

“Under the hood” is a custom power supply assembled by Nice Rack Canada using six of the Voodoo Lab X4 modules. This method allowed us to cleanly deliver 18VDC to the Vibe & Chorus, 15VDC to the Solo Dallas and 9VDC at up to 400mA per tap to all other devices in the system.

Also under the hood is the system In & Out connections box.

Love and Mercy 05.jpg

Because we care deeply about the quality of our client’s tone, we wired the system with Evidence Audio Monorail cable with SquarePlug plugs.

Love and Mercy 06.jpg

We’re onto a new chapter at Nice Rack Canada and we hope that your system will be one of the first builds done at our new location. Call or Email us today to start a dialogue about your system to be.