A local client of ours wanted a versatile pedalboard that he could take to jam nights where his larger preset based systems wouldn’t be appropriate.

The client wanted the same stellar tone and ergonomics that he has come to know our shop for, while maintaining the greatest degree of “on the fly” adaptability.

This rig was a joy to build combining Eventide, an absolute powerhouse effects manufacturer with the legendary classic flavor of the Mu-FX and the high build quality and classic tones by Tribute Audio Designs.

The signal path is;

Guitar –> Input Buffer with Split to TC Electronic PolyTune Mini –> Loop 1 H9#1 (Octave & Diatonic) –> Nice Rack Canada 10kΩ Output Buffer –> Loop 2 Mu-FX TruTron 3X –> Loop 3 Tribute Audio Klone –> Loop 4 Tribute Audio Classy Lady –> Loop 5 Tribute Audio Muff –> Loop 6 Xotic SP Compressor –> Loop 7 H9#2 (UniVibe, Phaser, Chorus) –> Boss FV30H Volume Pedal –> Nice Rack Canada Boost –> Amp Input / Amp Send –> Loop 8 Send A –> H9#3 (Delay & Reverb) –> Output Mixer, Loop 8 Send B –> Dry to Output Mixer –> Mixer Output to System Mute & Amp Return.

The system is powered by the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Mondo.

The system is switched through a Nice Rack Canada wired Road Rage Pro Gear enclosure. The functionality of the switcher includes some buffers, and Function Switches for the Eventide H9’s to toggle between presets, Performance Switch settings & Tap Tempo Sync.

The Boss FV30L Volume Pedal has been modified to be used as an Expression Pedal connected to H9#2.

No matter what your criteria is for a system, we can build you something to far exceed your expectations.