At Nice Rack Canada we strongly believe in the value that a modeling platform can create for a musician.

Since 2010 we’ve been installing & programming Fractal Audio products. Nice Rack Canada is the first choice in Canada for all Fractal Audio related items including, installation, rig packaging, programming & repairs.

This year we’ve been building a bunch of AX8 rigs for many different types of players. The AX8 is great value for the working musician and hobbyist alike.

Now we’ve had a chance to build up an AX8 system that incorporates many of the unique installation variances we offer our customers.

Features in this rig include a Constant Tuner for Bends & Slide, Switchable Ground Isolation transformers on all outputs & 2x External “Expression” Switches assignable per preset for dynamic control of Effects, Amps or Cabinet blocks as necessary.

If you’ve been considering a modeling platform but would really like to put a system through it’s paces before you make a decision, you should make an appointment with Nice Rack Canada for your demo session. We have Axe FX II with MFC101, FX8 & AX8 rigs on display every day.

If you are a Fractal Audio user and need to save freight costs on your next Toronto fly gig, contact us to smooth out your logistics.

If you’re tracking guitars on a record and need a semi truck load of amps & cabs delivered in the trunk of a taxi to your session, contact us to unlock the boundaries of sonic possibility on your album.