Merry Christmas to our friends at RJM Music, Atomic Amps & The Custom District! Thanks for the sweet presents!

When two cutting edge electronics companies send you gear on the same day, the natural thing to do is build a rig out of the offerings.

We whipped up this whopper of a compact rig on a The Custom District perforated aluminum pedalboard with the Atomic Amps Amplifire, 2x Atomic Amps CLR Neo FRFR Wedges & RJM Music MasterMind LT7 MIDI Controller.

We added a Boss FV30L Volume Pedal modified for use an Expression Pedal connected to the MasterMind LT7, assigned per preset to Continuous Control Parameters as desired.

In the In & Out Connections box we built up a custom power supply for the Amplifire, MasterMind LT & LED lighting. 

We also added a Tap Tempo Switch connected to the MasterMind LT’s External Switch Input. By setting the MasterMind LT as the MIDI Clock Master and selecting the “Flash With Tempo” setting, we are able to use the Tap Tempo switch’s LED as a visual Metronome.

The Amplifire modeling platform packs a big sonic punch into a small box. Users can select from a wide variety of Factory Amps & Cabinets, or they can load their own user IR’s. A big winner in the “bang for the buck” category, this tone tool is finding a home onto many a pedalboard for regular gigging and fly dates.

The MasterMind LT7 is RJM Music’s latest MIDI Controller development. This is the baby brother of the MasterMind GT series and a cousin the PBC. The LT7 uses the same computing hardware as the MasterMind series and is the most functional controller on the marker in it’s footprint & price. Fly rigs have found a very powerful new partner!

Need a Flyweight Rig packing Tonnes of Tone? Please contact Nice Rack Canada to have your sonic horizon expanded.