Toronto Jazz Bassist, Mike Pelletier recently picked up his Nice Rack Canada built pedalboard system for Electric & Acoustic Bass.

Mike’s diverse job list of jazz gigs, sessions, orchestra pit and sideman work required a pedalboard that could cover a wide variety of sonic colours while allowing the true voice of the bass to speak clearly.

Switching between Electric & Acoustic Bass had proved problematic in the live environment, with this criteria in mind we set about designing a simple, easy to use & set up system.

The signal flow is Acoustic Mic (DPA 4099B) & Piezo –> K&K Trinity Pro Pre-Amp (“Input A”) or Electric Bass –> Nice Rack Canada 1mΩ Input Buffer (“Input B”) into Ruppert Music Instruments Basswitch –> Series Loop Send –> Catalinbread SFT –> T Rex Octavius –> Boss OC-2 –> 3 Leaf Audio Proton –> Aguilar Agro –> TC Electronic Shaker Vibrato –> TC Electronic Corona Chorus –> Series Loop Return –> Mix Loop Send –> Boss FV30 Volume –> TC Electronic Flashback Delay –> TC Electronic HOF Mini Reverb –> Mix Loop Return –> FOH & Amplifier Output (with switchable Isolation Transformer)

The system is powered by the Custom Audio Electronic / MXR MC403

Bring us your criteria and we can custom build a rack or pedalboard system that meets all of your sonic & logistic needs.