Nice Rack Canada recently built this dual signal path pedalboard system for a local player with a taste for Precious Canadian Metal… Music & Materials.

This work of rare art is controlled by the RJM Music MasterMind PBC, serial # 0001. By fully utilizing the MIDI capabilities of the PBC to control the Eventide H9’s broad effects palette the system is virtually reconfigurable per preset. To complete the rare quotient of this build, present is 1 of the 99 pieces ever made of the 24kt gold plated H9.

The signal path for the Magnetic Input;

Magnetic Pick Ups –> Xotic Wah –> PBC In 1-4, Loop 1 –> H9 #1, Loop 2 –> H9 #2, Loop 3 –>Vemuran Jan Ray, Loop 4 –> TC Electronic Nova Drive, Loop 5 –> Wampler Ego Compressor, Loop 6 –> Fortin Grind, PBC Out 5-6 –> Amp Input –> Amp Send –> Boss FV30 Volume Pedal –> PBC In 7-10, Loop 7 –> Nice Rack Canada Boost, Loop 8 –> H9 #3, Loop 9 –> H9 #4 –> Out A –> Amplifier Return, Out B –> TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini.

The signal path for the Piezo Input is;

Piezo Pickup –> Fishman Aura DI –> Aura Effects Loop Send –> H9 #5 Input –> H9 #5 Output –> Aura Effects Loop Return –> FOH.

The PBC receives real time continuous control information from the modified Boss FV30L as an expression pedal, and a Nice Rack Canada Double External Switch. These real time controllers are assignable per preset to almost any function in the system hardware or MIDI controlled effects devices.

The Amplifier Channel Switching, Boost, Mute & Effects Loop functions are controlled by an RJM Music Mini Amp Gizmo.

The system is powered by Voodoo Lab’s Pedal Power 4×4 and 2x Pedal Power Digital.

No matter what aesthetic you desire, no matter how complex the signal path, no matter how demanding the criteria, Nice Rack Canada can fulfill all of your gear fantasies.