Nice Rack Canada recently shipped this AX8 pedalboard system to a client in Maryland, minus the AX8 & EV-1 Expression pedal…

The client contacted us after seeing the last Fractal Audio AX8 system build we posted, requesting a similar system with more connectivity to inputs & outputs.

To increase customer convenience, we were able to build and test the system using our shop AX8 & EV-1. We wired the board with our units in place and them removed them prior to shipping. Saving the customer separation time from his AX8, lowering the shipping weight & cost.

Upon receipt of the system the client simply has to peel the backing off the fastening tape, attach the AX8 & EV-1, make the pre-labelled connections and the rig is ready for use.

System features include a chunky I/O box with 8x Switchable Isolation transformers to accommodate the Stereo 4 Cable Method wiring scheme. Output 1 XLR & TS outs are both in use with their own respective isolation transformers.

We built up a dual switch box with 1x Momentary & 1x Latching Switch that are assigned as Ext Ctrl 2 & 3 to the system. Giving the user greater range of Expression functionality to suit the unique preset.

From Modelling Platforms to Analog Old School, Nice Rack Canada can build you the rig that suits your criteria best. Contact us today with your system fantasies and we’ll make them reality.