Jonny Rock Gear is super cool boutique effects pedal brand from Montreal, Quebec. Building Canadian handmade classic designs with new twists and a touch of fun.

When Jonny Rock Gear owner Jean-Rene saw some Nice Rack Canada built pedalboard systems that other manufacturers were using for demonstrations, he knew it was time for a Jonny Rock Gear pedalboard by Nice Rack Canada.

If you’d like to try any of the Jonny Rock Gear pedals we’ve got a set at the Nice Rack Canada showroom for your tone seeking explorations.

Featured on this pedalboard is the entire Jonny Rock Gear product line;

Dino Range – The “Set it & Forget it” Compressor

Octofuzzy – Nasty Fuzz + Switchable Octave Up

Pop Corner – An attitude loaded OD that can clean up nicely with a pick up roll off.

Dude Screamer – Classic OD flavour with switchable Clipping Modes & Fat Boost

Ze Mixette – Parallel Blended or In Series Effects Loop Switcher.

JoJo Cake – Smooth & Creamy Distortion / Fuzz.

The Clowntaur – Putting the humour & savings into transparent underdrives.

The Pink Pit – Slapback Echo with Surf Reverb Tone.

Dyna Boost – Transparent “Almost Clean” Boost with a Low-Mid cut circuit.

Wave Rider – Optical Tremolo with Tap Tempo control, Six different wave forms & tap divisions.

The Rewolver – JFET Driver with Cascaded Gain Stages & Master Volume, from Sweet Saturation to 100% Clean Boost.

All powered by Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+ & Pedal Power Iso-5