Nice Rack Canada recently built up this “Grab and Go” Pedalboard System for a repeat client of ours. The player wanted a small, very portable pedalboard system for jam nights and other moments when one of his larger rigs would not be appropriate.

We saw the player’s criteria as a challenge to see how many useful features we could build into the system’s compact footprint. Among the features we installed are the first Nice Rack Canada line mixer with multiple output configurations, Wet/Dry Parallel Blend or Wet & Dry Amp Outputs with a Switchable Phase Inverter & Ground Isolation for the Dry Out.

We were also delighted to install an Electro Harmonix OD Glove, a wonderful OD that sounds as good or better than a Fulltone OCD at less than half the price & none of the Fulltone headache.

Considering that Electro Harmonix Mike Matthews is an infinitely cool human who is responsible for creating some absolutely legendary effects (Big Muff, Electric Mistress, Memory Man, Small Stone, POG, etc etc etc) and that Fulltone owner Mike Fuller is a total ass, it’s not hard to get behind the OD Glove. We look forward to installing many more of them.

If you’re thinking of having a pedalboard built by Nice Rack Canada with an OCD on it, we’ll buy you the OD Glove if you sell the OCD to fund the purchase of the pedalboard system build.

The system is switched by a Musicomlab EFX MkIII with no MIDI functionality in use.

The signal path is;

Guitar –> Xotic Wah –> Switcher Input A –> Loop 1 Electro Harmonix OD Glove –> Loop 2 Xotic SP Compressor –> Loop 3 Xotic EP Booster –> Send 4 –> TC Electronic PolyTune Mini 2 –> Switcher Out A –> Boss FV30H Volume Pedal –> Switcher Input B –> Send 5 –> Dry Signal to Line Mixer –> Loop 6 Providence Anadime Chorus –> Send 7 –> Catalinbread Belle Epoch Delay –> Send 8 –> Catalinbread Talisman Reverb. Delay & Reverb Outputs are routed in parallel with the Send 5 Dry Signal to the System Line Mixer.

The Line Mixer Output Mode A is a “50/50” Blend of 100% Wet & 100% Dry Signal. Output Mode B is a Split of 100% Dry Signal to one Amp and 100% Wet Signal to another Amp.

System Powered by Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 4×4.