This week’s Nice Rack Canada pedalboard creation is going to a local recreational guitarist, who is enjoying his first ever pedalboard system.

Our client came to us with a wealth of acoustic guitar playing history but has only recently dived into the colourful world of electric guitar.

Without a concise sonic idea that we were to conform to, we worked with the client through his personal listening choices and preferences for recorded guitar sounds. Through this consultation process we were able to select the effects needed, procure them, design the signal flow and build up the complete system.

To make the maximum functionality from the least amount of space we crafted the following signal flow.

Guitar -> Nice Rack Canada Input Buffer with Tuner Split to TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini -> Eventide H9#1 In 1/Out 1 -> Electro Harmonix Soul Food -> Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini -> Dunlop Band of Gypsies Fuzz Face Mini -> Xotic SP Compressor -> Eventide H9#1 In 2/Out 2 -> Eventide H9#2 In 1/Out1 -> Boss RC3 Loop Station -> System Mute Switch -> Amplifier.

The Boss FV30 Volume pedal has been modified to a 10kΩ Linear Expression Pedal. As the user can only move 1 foot at a time while playing we devised of using the Expression pedal to control a number of different effect parameters in the H9’s. This feature saved the space & weight that would have otherwise been taken up by an analog Volume Pedal & Wah.

On H9 presets where no real time control of effect parameters, we have assigned on a per preset basis, the Input or Output volume to Expression Pedal control. Virtually adding a volume pedal to the array without increasing the footprint or weight.

H9#1 is being used for Phaser, UniVibe, Wah, Envelope Filter, Whammy, Volume Pedal & Delay purposes.

By utilizing the Eventide H9’s Pre / Post routing options per preset the user can place the OD’s & Fuzz before or after the Effect algorithm.

H9#2 is being used for Delays & Reverbs.

The Disaster Area DMC-3XL MIDI Controller is used to send PC#’s to the 2x Eventide H9’s and route Expression Pedal MIDI connectivity to H9#1.

We built 2x custom Aux Switch boxes for the H9’s to control Bypass state, Performance Switching & Tap Tempo to H9#1 with MIDI clock syncing H9#2.

The system is powered by the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 4×4 and a custom Nice Rack Canada PSU.

Come to us with a complete concept or none at all and we can develop a pedalboard system that is compact & powerful with abilities far beyond it’s size to help take you to a new sonic consciousness.