Nice Rack Canada built up this guitar rack system a little while ago for a client.

The signal flow for this beauty is;

UHF Systems & Cable –> Input Switcher –> Input Buffer with Tuner Split to TC Electronic PolyTune Mini Noir –> Xotic Wah –> Boss FV30H –> Nice Rack Canada 10kΩ Buffer –>

Loop 1 – Keeley Compressor Pro

Loop 2 – Ibanez TubeScreamer

Loop 3 – AnalogMan King of Tone Red

Loop 4 – AnalogMan King of Tone Yellow

Loop 5 – OD/Fuzz Insert Point

Loop 6 – Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face (rehoused)

Loop 7 – Z Vex Fuzz Factory

Loop 8 – Tribute Audio Purple Muff

Loop 9 – Dunlop Echo Plex PreAmp

Dry Split to Output Mixer

Loop 10 – Modulation Insert Point

Loop 11 – Eventide H9

Loop 12 – Strymon Mobius

Loop 13 – Strymon TimeLine #1 & #2

Loop 14 – Strymon Big Sky

Stereo Output Mixer to 2x Fender Twin Reverb Amps

Mono Summing Mixer to Marshall BluesBreaker

Delay & Reverb Outputs are “Spillover” Mixed using 2x rehoused RJM Music Mini Line Mixers.

Switchers are the RJM Music Effects Gizmo & Rack Gizmo. The RG also provides MIDI control over amplifier switching functions.

The system’s Onstage Controller is the state of the future MIDI controller, the RJM Music MasterMind GT 16 with a modified Boss FV30L as an Expression Pedal and 4x Nice Rack Canada External Switches. 2x Switches are globally assigned to Tap Tempo & System Mute, 2x Switches are assigned per preset to specific functions as necessary.

Offstage Parallel Control is also covered by a 2nd RJM Music MasterMind GT 16 with External Switches & no expression pedal.

All effects pedals are powered by 2x Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital + 1x Pedal Power Iso-5.

System design & build by Nice Rack Canada.

Got a gear fantasy? Let us indulge it, we’ll supersize the functionality & minimize the footprint.