Our friends at Moog Audio Toronto are having a Sale on Effects Pedals this Saturday, December 16 from 11AM to 7PM.

Select Effects Pedal inventory will be on sale from 10% to 50% off the retail price.

Nice Rack Canada will be in the Moog Audio store all day guiding users through demos of the Eventide H9 and the entire Chase Bliss Audio effects line.

This event is a great chance to learn how you can unlock the potential of these powerful & unique tone shaping tools.

Come visit us this Saturday at Moog Audio, 442 Queen Street West for a chance to win Chase Bliss Audio "Brothers" OD/Boost/Fuzz pedal, retail value $457.

Moog Poster Print.jpg
Chase Bliss Instagram.jpg

We'll have our Eventide & Chase Bliss Audio demo pedalboards with us. Both of these boards feature Quilter amplifiers for pristine clean tones allowing the user to hear every nuance of the pedals at speaker or headphone level.

LT7 H9 Quilter.jpg