Fresh from Nice Rack Canada comes a pedalboard build with a Fractal Audio AX8 modeling platform system and a very powerful companion, the Fishman TriplePlay.

This pedalboard system is an infinitely configurable system on a "per preset" basis. From one preset to another the user can choose from hundreds of studio quality amplifier models, speaker cabinets & effects in the AX8. By adding a Fishman TriplePlay in parallel with the modeling platform guitar rig, the user can double their parts on any virtual instrument they choose. 

The Fishman TriplePlay expands the creative possibilities of this system to absolutely infinite and is completely DAW compatible for recording in any location. Live performances can become more dynamic with a fuller bandwidth of instrumentation in a logistics friendly package. 

The TriplePlay is a wireless pickup and transmitter system that clips onto the guitar and transmits to a computer that hosts the factory sound library as well as any custom virtual instruments and samples the user creates.

Aside the from the sonic value of the TriplePlay in a user's arrangements, the system is also a great notation tool that write charts for you as you play. Instead of tedious note taking, the user can simply play the piece of music and the software will write it out for you in realtime. This valuable time saving tool makes the TriplePlay a worthwhile investment alone.

The TriplePlay is complemented by it's FC-1 footswitch companion that allows the user to scroll through presets and apply a "hold" to any note or chord. TriplePlay presets can also be accessed by any MIDI controller including the AX8.

For the busy working pro, a system like this is a very strong value in that the player always has the perfect rig for every gig with no hardware reconfiguration needed. The AX8 Edit software allows the user to organize and upload their presets as necessary for each gig. The user community for Fractal Audio products is a great way to access presets to emulate tones you may need for your next gig.

Traveling at checked luggage weight in it's roadcase and packing tonnes of tones the derived value for users is only limited by their creativity.

This build was done like many of the AX8 builds we do, without the customers' gear.


We used our shop's AX8, expression pedals and FC-1 as "stand ins" for the customer's gear. The custom pieces & cabling were built & installed. Then our gear was removed, and new fastening tape with backing paper was attached to the fastening tape strips on the board, along with removable "guide marks".

This method also keeps the outbound shipping weight low for lowest possible cost the client, while not having to separated from their gear for any period of time.

When the package arrives, the client removes the backing paper from the fastening tape and mounts their AX8, Expression pedals & FC-1 in place.

All of the cabling is custom labelled making the patching of the system completely trouble free and only taking seconds.

The AX8 has 4x Expression Pedal Inputs. We built 2x Custom Expression Switches connected to Expression Pedal Ports #3 & 4 to expand the system's functionality and to maximize the value of the system for the user.

If you haven't had a chance to hear what the Fractal Audio Systems products or Fishman TriplePlay can offer your playing experience, you should book an appointment to visit Nice Rack Canada for a consultation & guided demo experience.