Nice Rack Canada recently built this pedalboard system for Boss / Roland Canada.

This pedalboard will be traveling across Canada visiting Guitar Shows & Music Instrument stores for player demos. The system is a showcase for the Boss ES-8, their new Dynamic Order Effects Switcher & MIDI Controller. The ES-8 has some incredible features for a pedalboard switcher, especially at it's very competitive retail price.

The Boss Canada promotions team visited our shop for the first session with the pedalboard, all of which was video recorded. Boss will be posting a video soon of the results.

When our friends at Boss asked us to build the system we wanted to include not only their latest switcher, we also wanted a chance to play with some of the newest offerings in Guitar Synthesis, the SY-300. the first magnetic pickup driven guitar synthesizer with complete user controllable synthesis. This device is a game changer for guitar synth fans who want to free themselves from Hexaphonic Synth Pick Ups & the dreaded 13 pin DIN cable.

Also on the list of super cool new gear by Boss is the DD-500. A MIDI controllable Delay Pedal containing presets derived from every cool delay in the Boss / Roland collection including the DD-3, DD-7, DD-20, RE-20, TE-2, SDE-2000 & SDE-3000 and a few new flavours crafted for the DD-500.

Utilizing the Parallel routing capabilities of the ES-8 we were able to build up some Volume Pedal Driven Synth & Delay swells running in parallel with Overdriven Electric Guitar to create some massive soundscape textures while retaining the true tone of the instrument.

The ES-8's abilities to dynamically assign control functions to different pedals per preset allows the user to infinite shape the rig to their needs at the moment rather than having their expression conform to the system.

Aside from the latest in technology, we also had a chance to play with some updated versions of Boss classics from years past, the DM-2 Analog Delay, SD-1 Super Overdrive & BD-2 Blues Driver.

Taking from the Japanese term for "Art & Technique", The Waza Craft line by Boss is a re-introduction of some legendary pedals that you've come to know from many recordings over the last 4 decades. Each Waza Craft device is fitted with a switchable Boss Custom Shop mod, closely modeled on some of the most popular aftermarket mods done to the Boss classics.