About 2 years & 200 gigs ago, Nice Rack Canada built up this series wired pedalboard for Blue Rodeo guitarist, Colin Cripps.

The system recently visited the shop so we could update our Clean Boost pedal with our new, smoother response version, basically making our clean boost even cleaner.

The board features some classic guitar rig tools from Canadian builders, including the Diamond Pedals Pedals Compressor & Tremolo and a classic MIDI Controller, the Axess MFC5.

Not pictured here but included in the rig is the Canadian Designed & Built, Radial Engineering Ltd. HeadBone VT to switch between the JMI era Vox AC30 and TEX Amplifiers Colin Cripps Signature "Bernie" amps feeding into a offstage Isolation cabinet.

The Ernie Ball Volume Pedal has been a staple in Colin's rigs since 1990. Colin uses a rotating collection of these volume pedals, all refitted with NOS parts.

Malekko Heavy Industry isn't Canadian but they have produced some easy to use, great sounding designs in their time, including their Spring Reverb emulator, the Spring Chicken.

Rounding out the classics list here is a Line DL4, a pedal that we swear Colin gets great tone in spite of it, rather than because of it.

Keeping it all in tune, is one of our favourite tuners ever, the TC Electroni PolyTune 2.

Powered by the cleverly hidden Voodoo La Pedal Power 2+.

If you're a classics lover or cutting edge avant garde, Nice Rack Canada can build a system for you to suit your unique criteria.