Nice Rack Canada has been building pedalboard systems for Dallas Green since 2012, for various City and Colou, Alexisonfir & You+Me tours.

This year it's going to be a new City and Colour album cycle and pedalboard to match.

We rebuilt the custom switcher to accommodate some of the updated pedal choices & system functions. New pedal additions to the system this year are the Xoti RC Booster, Klon KTR, Strymo Deco & Flint.

Returning from the previous version is the EarthQuaker Device Disaster Transport, Death by Audio Effect Pedal Echo Dream 2, MX Carbon Copy & TC Electroni PolyTune

We added a new Active Output Splitter & Mute Box.

We replaced the old I/O box with a new fabrication featuring 2x remote controlled relays for Muting Functions, a 1mΩ Input Buffer and Switchable Ground Isolation Transformers for each output path.

Still powered by Voodoo La, this time it’s a Pedal Power 2+ & Digital.