Half Moon Run Devon 01 Top.jpg

This month Nice Rack Canada is building a batch of pedalboard systems for Half Moon Ru. First up is guitarist & vocalist, Devon Portielje.

As is often the case with our pro clientele, a rigid 32 kilogram weight limit for the system & case is the primary criteria to meet checked luggage limits and satisfy rapacious airlines.

We also had to exert MIDI control over all system functionality. To help us achieve all of the criteria, the RJM Music MasterMind Pedal Board Controller was installed as the main switcher for the Electric / Acoustic Guitar signal path and the Effected Vocal signal Path.

One each of the Strymo TimeLine's & BigSky's are used in the Guitar Path and one each in the Vocal Signal Path. Also in the Guitar path are the Boss Effects Pedal GE-7, JHS Pedal Prestige, Union Tube & Transisto More & Empress Effect Super Delay.

To accommodate the PBC switching 2 different paths we used a dead return insert to break the switcher into 2 discrete signal paths.

The system I/O box includes a Neutri 1:4 input impedance transformer to facilitate the Vocal Mic being used with Guitar Effects.

The system is powered by one of our favourite power supplies, the Voodoo La Pedal Power Mondo.