This week's Half Moon Ru pedalboard system by Nice Rack Canad is for multi instrumentalist Isaac Symonds.

This system has a signal flow that is a little bit different than most systems we build. Due to Half Moon Run's travel logistics, we had to design the entire system around a 32 kilogram / 70 pound limit for case & contents.

Inputs are Vocals, Guitar, Snare Drum, & Drummer Vocal, all routed to the Soundcraft EPM6 mixer and then sent pre-fader into 2 different effects chains from the Auxiliary Sends. Path #1 is Send >> Boss Effects Pedal RV5 Reverb >> Strymo TimeLine >> Big Sky >> Mobius >> Return Path #2 is Send >> Electro-Harmoni Vocoder >> Return. Both Returns are Sent to the Master Out which is routed to FOH & Monitors.

Isaac uses presets from the RJM Music MasterMind GT10 to change Strymon PC#'s and Remote Activate the RV5 & Guitar Tuner/Mute. The Snare & Drummer Vocal are toggled manually as desired by the player. To effect MIDI control over this functionality we used the Inserts on the Snare & Drummer Vocal Channels. The send & return of the Insert are routed through a DPDT Relay which is activated by a RJM Music Switch Gizmo.

Isaac needed to have switches to control the Inserts almost under his feet when seated with a snare drum between his legs. We built up external switch boxes for the MasterMind GT to control the inserts.

The interconnectivity between the two boards is by way of 3 Pin XLR cables. Inherently locking connection and commonly found at every gig all over the work in case the player's own cabling should become divorced from the system in transit or is comprised in some way.

The Guitar Path is Muted by a Boss TU3 Tuner which is also remote activated by the Switch Gizmo by way of a Control Jack we added to the Tuner, same story with the RV5.

With the rigid weight criteria, we had to split the system into two halves "Control" & "Audio" each in it's own case to come in under the luggage weight limit. The Control is at the players feet and the Audio is on a keyboard stand next to the player for convenient level adjustments & dub science.

Effects are powered by 2x Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital

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