Nice Rack Canada recently built this rack system for Toronto based modern rock band, Mental Friction.

Infinite forward flexibility was the primary criteria we put on the build. The band is currently working on it's first album, with the future being so wide open for the guitar tones, we wanted to cover every angle possible.

The band brought in some of their favourite OD / Distortion devices and the iconic Electro Harmonix Ravish Sitar. The band also expressed an affinity for Eventide procession algorithms.

With the new "Crush Station" OD algorithm for the Eventide H9, complete signal paths (Harmonics - Filers - Compression - Pitch - Modulation - Delay - Reverb - Looping) of Eventide processing is now an option for users. Hence the band requested 4x Eventide H9's to give them infinite possibilities of processing chains.

The signal path is Guitar >> Wah >> Mini Effect Gizmo Loop 1 >> TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini Tuner, Loop 2 >> Ravish Sitar, Loop 3 >> TS9, Loop 4 >> Double Trouble, Loop 5 >> Distotron, Mini Effect Gizmo Out >> Volume >> H9#1 >> H9#2 >> H9#3 >> H9#4 >> Kemper Profiling Amplifier Main Out >> FOH, Kemper Monitor Out >> ART SLA Amp >> Speaker Cabinet.

To fully harness the MIDI capabilities of the Eventide H9's & Kemper Profiling Amplifier we installed the most powerful MIDI controller for guitar systems, the RJM Music MasterMind GT-22.

Utilizing the MasterMind GT's 15x pages of 22 Instant Access Switches, we were able to program Instant Access Switching Groups of favourite Amp Profiles in the Kemper and Effects Presets in each of the H9's.

We also built up 2x External Switch sets for the MasterMind with global programming to Silent Tuning, Tap Tempo & 2x H9 Performance Switches.

We modified the Boss FV30L Volume pedal to be an Expression Pedal, assignable per preset to any parameter in the system.

Effects powered by the incomparable Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+ & Pedal Power Digital.