Nice Rack Canada recently built this pedalboard for a local player who is playing in 4 different bands and working a day job. The different gigs require a dependable rig with a broad spectrum of tones in a compact footprint.

The system is switched by a Nice Rack Canada custom built switcher using a Road Rage Pro Gear Enclosure. There are 9x Effects Loops, 1x Clean Boost that "goes to 11", 1x Signal Order Reversing Circuit & a Silent Tuning Function. The Nice Rack Canada buffer circuit loads the output of the OD's quite nicely while splitting the output to drive a Tuner constant feed.

The signal flow is;

Guitar >> Order Reverse Circuit Input

Reverse Send A >> Charlie Stringer Wah >> Boss Dynamic Wah >> Return A

Reverse Send B >> Electro Harmonix Soul Food >> Xotic SL Drive >> Z Vex Mastotron >> Return B

Order Reverse Circuit Output >> Maxon Compressor >> Nice Rack Canada Buffer >> Nice Rack Canada Clean Boost >> Xotic EP Boost >> Empress Nebulus >> TC Electronic Alter Ego Vintage Delay >> TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb >> Mute Switch >> Amplifier.

The system is powered by the bedrock of pedalboard power supplies, the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Mondo.

Whatever your criteria is for a pedalboard or rack system, Nice Rack Canada can design & build a system for you beyond your expectations.