Nice Rack Canada recently built & programmed this Fractal Audi Axe FX II XL+ system for a Toronto area P&W player.

Our client had purchased his Axe FX II XL+ and started downloading presets from Axe Change hoping to duplicate sounds from his favorite guitarists. 

The results were not as inspirational as the client hoped, realizing he needed some guidance he did  a little digging on the FAS forum and was able to connect with Nice Rack Canada.

After a consultation with the client we were able to start putting him on the path to tone nirvana.

We helped the client pick the best controller possible for the system, the RJM Music MasterMind GT-16. We also added a Missio / RJM Music SP 1 Expression pedal with toe switch and a FAS EV-1.

To expand the user functionality of the system, we built up a trio of Nice Rack Canada External Switches for the MasterMind GT as well.

We designed and ordered the cases for the controller board & rack module. We fabricated a custom patch panel for the rack with connectivity for Guitar Input, Power Supply & Load Connections to Monitors, Audio to FOH & Monitors, MIDI In from DAW, MIDI Out to DAW, MIDI In, MIDI Out & Phantom Power for the MasterMind GT-16.

We supplied custom cabling with matching color tabs to the rack jacks for fastest possible set up & tear down times.

We provided basic integration programming between the rack & controller. At that point the client came in with a song list and rig run down video from his favorite guitarist, Nigel Hendroff of Hillsong United.

After watching the video, listening to the songs and the previously downloaded presets, we scrapped the community sourced presets and started in on building a user library of Blocks in Axe Edit that the client could pull from in future to build new presets as set list choices demanded.

We were able to program individual Axe FX Blocks to accurately model each component in Nigel's analog rig.

Our client is enjoying his worship gigs even more and now has an awesome rig to use during the week for his sonic enjoyment with the ability to play literally any song he wants with tonal accuracy of the original recording.

Nice Rack Canada has been working with Fractal Audio Systems since day 1 at our shop. We've enjoyed helping this incredibly forward thinking equipment builder improve their market traction in Canada by creating end user experiences without parallel.

If you're considering a Fractal Audio System for your tone palette, Nice Rack Canada is your one stop shop for a "1 invoice" system acquisition, fabrication, installation & programming combination.