Coronation 05 Center.jpg

Just in time for the Victoria Day Weekend comes this Coronation of Guitar Tone in a Nice Rack Canada design, built & programmed pedalboard system.

Sitting upon this throne of tone is the king of all Pedalboard Controllers / Switchers - The RJM Music MasterMind PBC. 

The signal flow for this sonic empire is; Guitar >> Nice Rack Canada Input Buffer with split outputs to TC Electronic PolyTune Mini 2 & Chase Tone Gypsy Wah >> PBC In 1-4 >> Loop 1 - Strymon Mobius In 1 & Out 1 (Pre Connections) >> Loop 2 - COT50 >> Loop 3 - Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive >> Loop 4 - JHS Morning Glory >> Loop 5 - Lumpy's Tone Shop Liquid OD >> Loop 6 - Tribute Audio Designs Big Fatty Fuzz >> PBC Out 5-6 >> Chase Tone Secret PreAmp >> PBC In 7-10 >> Loop 7 - Strymon Deco >> Loop 8 - Strymon Mobius In 2 & Out 2 (Post Connections) >> Loop 9 - Maestro Echo Plex III or Strymon El Capistan >> Loop 10 - Strymon TimeLine >> PBC Out Left & Right >> Strymon Big Sky >> Amp Left & Right.

The client prefers to use a real Maestro Echo Plex as opposed to emulations. Tape Echo can be a finicky beast to manage in gig situations, so we built in a device to optimize the tone of the Echo Plex and provide a bailout if the Echo Plex should chew it's tape or other failure, a Strymon El Capistan.

The El Capistan is used in the Buffered Bypass state to load the output of the Echo Plex as a return buffer. In the event that the real tape echo fails during a gig, the client simply has to reach down to the board and activate the El Capistan using it's onboard bypass switch and toggle the Echo Plex Send & Return Loop to it's bypass state.

We performed a few "hacks" on the El Capistan & Deco. We implemented MIDI Tap Tempo control to the El Capistan. The Deco's 2 "halves" are each under remote MIDI control.

Utilizing the functionality of the MasterMind PBC's Function Switches and an RJM Music Switch Gizmo we are able to perform the above mentioned tap tempo sync in the El Capistan, trigger the "Favorite" settings in the El Capistan and Deco, switch the Gain Mode in the Morning Glory, Cancel Echo Output in the Echo Plex and switch the boost mode in the amplifiers.

The PBC's expresión functionality is complemented by a modified Boss FV30L used as an Per Preset Expression Pedal and a pair of Nice Rack Canada External Switches assigned as a Global Tap Tempo and Per Preset respectively.

The system is powered by Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Mondo & Digital.

In the custom In & Out Connections box we've included a switchable Stereo to Mono Summing Mixer for the moment when 1 amp goes down in a Stereo Pair, we also included Switchable Isolation Transformers on each output.

When you're ready to be your own King or Queen of Tone, call upon Nice Rack Canada to help you create tone that will expand your sonic empire beyond your most imperial fantasies.