Our clients, Metric are gearing up for another touring cycle. Guitarist Jimmy Shaw is a gear enthusiast and always wants to deliver the best concert performances possible using the most powerful technology available at the moment.

Hence the addition of the RJM Musi MasterMind GT being the next logical step to improve upon the rig we built for him in 2013.

This past week we built up some new controller boards for his A & B touring rigs.

These boards feature the MasterMind GT-22, with 2x Boss Effects Pedal FV500H Volume/Expression Pedals with Nice Rack Canada added Polarity Switches for the Linear "Expression" Pot. We built up a 2 Button External Switch for a System Mute & Tap Tempo switches. We also replaced the old tuner with our favourite, the TC Electroni PolyTune 2 Mini.