Since 1953 Moog Music Inc. has been manufacturing some of the most iconic electronic tools for musicians that have graced thousands of recordings & stages.

When Moog’s Canadian Distributor, SF Marketing asked Nice Rack Canada to build them a demo pedalboard for the new line of Mini Mooger Fooger Effects Pedals, we were honoured!

It’s a rare treat for a rig builder to be asked to present their vision for a collection of effects by one of music’s most important inventors.

This series wired board features the MF Drive, Boost, Ring, Trem & Delay. All powered by a T Rex Fuel Tank Junior.

3 of the expression pedals are always connected to the Delay, Trem & Ring. The 4th Expression Pedal is switched between the Drive’s Filter & the Boost’s Output, making it into a “Dirty Wah” Controller or Volume Pedal.