Bassist Tim White of the Headstones came into our shop with his pedalboard and asked us to "fix it up". I think we did okay.

It's now a series wired board with a parallel dry signal mixed by the RJM Music Mini Line Mixer.

System PSU by Voodoo Lab.

Design, Custom Wiring, Clean Boost Pedal, & I/O Box by Nice Rack Canada

After test driving the pedalboard, Tim dialled back the gain on his amps by 50% due to the amount of gain & tone loss he was incurring previously. Cleaner & bigger tone that has dynamic response to the player with a lower noise floor sounds like a win to us.

The signal flow is;
Bass >> 1mΩ Buffer & Boost >> Out #1 >> "Dry" Feed to Mini Line Mixer Input #4 Right. Out #2 >> MXR Bass Octave >> Wampler Distortion >> MXR Carbon Copy >> Mini Line Mixer Input Left #3 >> Mixer Out Right >> Tuner Input. Mixer Out Left >> System Mute Switch >> DI Input >> XLR Out >> PA System. DI Unbalanced Out >> A+B Box >> A Out >> Ampeg SVT. B Out >> JCM900.