Built for St. Vincent Keyboard & Guitar Player - Toko Yasuda

A MIDI Controlled Series Wired pedalboard featuring the RJM Music MasterMind & Mini Effect Gizmo.

Another one of our Ableton Sequenced pedalboard systems following in the style that we established for St.Vincent at the beginning of the Strange Mercy period. Once presets are built in rehearsals the sequence then takes over telling the MasterMind what presets to load and when, allowing the musician to focus on performance, not tap dancing on a pedalboard.

The almost unlimited sonic possibilities of the #Eventide H9 make this compact system sonically reach far beyond it's size. The system with cabling and roadcase checks in at 48 lbs, making it the perfect size and weight for the touring musician who at some point encounter the unpleasantries that the airline industry punishes it musical customers with.

St. Vincent has a particular passion for the sound of analogue Fuzz & OD pedals, this year's pedalboard featuring the Death By Audio Interstellar Overdriver and the Fairfield Circuitry Unpleasant Surprise. Props to the boutique builders!

The MIDI controlled factor of this board allowed us to compact the Left to Right footprint to a size that would comfortable fit under an "X" Brace keyboard stand by concentrating all actuated switches in the bottom row closest to the players foot. The RJM Music MasterMInd is an ideal cost effective prograde MIDI Controller for a system like this.

The pedalboard is powered by a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+.

Signal flow is Guitar >> RJM Music Mini Effects Gizmo >> Send 1 to Korg PitchBlack Tuner >> Loop 2 Eventide H9 >> Loop 3 Death By Audio Interstellar Overdrive >> Loop 4 Fairfield Circuitry Unpleasant Surprise >> Return 5 Muting Plug >> MEG Out to Amp. 2nd Path is Moog Voyager >> Boss Bass OD >> DI.

System Design & Build by Nice Rack Canada.