We don't often build rigs for Hurdy Gurdy players, but when we do... We prefer a "Dos Mesa". :-)

This is the first time a Nice Rack shop has ever worked with a Hurdy Gurdy player.

We did a 2 pedalboard system consisting of a onstage "Control" Board and offstage "Effects" Board. We essentially flattened a system that would have required a 8 space rolling rack to house as a rack system. The client needs to transport the rig in a PT Cruiser and be able to load the system himself up or down stairs. We packaged the rig in ultralite welded aluminum rolling cases.

Audio routing is through 3x RJM Music Mini Effects Gizmos for Series Wired Compression, Overdrives, Fuzz, Pitch, POG & Modulations. Parallel Wired Delays & Reverb sum mixed by RJM Mini Line Mixer. Effects Board Output is fed through the Cathedral "master" Reverb and then the Boomerang for live looping. System outputs are fed through Muting Relays and then directly to the Sound System or ProTools.

Control board powered by Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital with a Series on two taps to supply 9V @ 800mA to the Boomerang.

Effects Board powered by Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+, 4x4 & Digital.

Thanks to www.Pedalboardlabels.com for the custom label set.