One of the more powerful guitar rigs we've ever built. A compact Rack System with a Dynamic MIDI Control Surface, Audio Matrix & MIDI Matrix allowing for Reconfigured Routings Per Preset. This rig is available for studio rentals in the Toronto area. Please contact us for more information.

The audio patch for the system is routed through a Sound Sculpture Switchblade GL 16 x 16 Matrix that can be reconfigured per preset. The local memory in the Switchblade hold 125 presets, with the native programming application storing a total of 1000 presets. The routing possibilities are absolutely infinite in real time, with the mouse driven native software allowing the rig to rerouted via mouse clicks in seconds.

The rig is currently mated with the following amplifiers; Matchless HC30Fuchs Overdrive SupremeBogner EcstasyPaul Reed Smith 25th AnniversaryWizard Modern Classic.

The 16 x 16 Matrix has sweepable gain control over each individual input & output, allowing for level specific parallel blending of Pre-Amps.

The dynamic routing & model capabilities of the Fractal Audio Axe FX II were a natural fit for a rig that is designed to be anything the player wants it to be. The Axe FX II is used for Pre-Amp Models & Effects Processing.

The complete Eventide line of Factor Effects Pedals is housed in a drawer for quick access to some of the best algorithms for guitar & bass processing. A quick spin through the factory presets of any of the Eventides will show the user the processing involved in large portion the past 4 decades of popular music.

The Overdrive drawer is filled with every flavor set of Overdrives desired by guitarists. A Klon KTR, an Analog Man King of Tone, a Fulltone OCD (with sweepable 9 to 18V Supply) & Paul Cochrane Timmy OD mixed in Parallel and a LovePedal Eternity in Parallel with a Hermida Zen Drive.

A Dunlop Rack Wah is patched to the Matrix for placement at any desired point in the signal chain. The ability to sculpt any Wah tone in seconds is a useful tone tool in the studio. The Rack Wah has a 6 Band Parametric EQ, Adjustable Q, up to 15db of Gain Boost available and 6 Different High Cutoff Positions for the Filter.

The flexibility of the audio path is matched by the most powerful MIDI controller on the market for Guitar & Bass rig applications. The RJM Music MasterMind GT is changing how players think about their rigs. In the past a MIDI controller for guitar rigs was limited in it's configurations to a single menu defined work surface Some of the Instant Access & Expression Pedal Assignments could be designated as "Per Preset" configurations. However your entire controller can be configured 16 different ways with the "Page" functions of the MasterMind GT.

The MasterMind GT installed in this rig is serial numbered "Beta 1". We were supposed to receive #2 for this rig build but a cosmetic issue in the assembly process presented our client with a unique piece of musical equipment history. Having been the first rig builder to install a MasterMind GT was a special honor for us.

The MOTU Micro Express MIDI - USB Interface Allows for Dynamic Per Preset MIDI Routing.

The user will surely exhaust their creativity before exhausting the tonal possibilities of this rig.