Axe FX II RAC12 Matrix GT1000 Port City MasterMind GT-22 A.jpg

Nice Rack Canada recently completed this Axe FX II modeling platform build for a recreational player. 

Without a fixed catalogue or criteria for use we engineered a system that offers the user a great deal of flexibility in amp & effects choices with a super easy & expeditious interface for programming and control.

The audio configuration is endlessly reconfigurable with the click of a switch with pristine, studio quality audio and dynamic performance from any of the amp models in the Fractal Audio Systems Axe FX II.

The monitor outputs from the Axe FX are routed into a Matrix Amplification GT1000FX stereo power amp into a Port City Amplification 2x12" Speaker Cabinet. We re-wired the cabinet from a Mono 2x12" into a Stereo 2x12".

For quick access to all amp parameters a FXUnits RAC12 controller is running in parallel with the RJM Music MasterMind GT-22 main system MIDI controller.

To expand the user control range of the system we included 4x External Switches & 3x Expression Pedals. The Tempo & Tuner switches are programmed globally with the Magic switch being available on a "per preset" basis for any expression switching function necessary in the local preset. External Switch 3 is wired in parallel with the Toe Switch in the Mission SP1 Expression Pedal. The switch function is globally programmed to Activate or Bypass the Wah Block in the Axe FX. In the event that no Wah Block is present in the preset, the switch can be purposed as necessary.

The Boss FV500L Expression Pedal 1 is programmed on a "per preset" basis as necessary.  A 2nd Boss FV500L is used for Expression Pedal 2 and is globally programmed for Volume Block control. The Mission / RJM Music SP1 is used for Expression Pedal 3 and is globally programmed for the Wah Block control.

For the fastest possible setup and tear down time we built up a custom patch panel on the rear of the rack. The colored tabs coordinate with the user's cabling to make patching an almost automatic process. The MIDI Controller board is connected over a single 7 Pin XLR cable with the connections being wired in parallel to 3x 3 Pin XLR jacks. These 3 jacks can be used in an emergency if the user becomes separated from their 7 Pin XLR cable.

Axe FX II RAC12 Matrix GT1000 Port City MasterMind GT-22 B.jpg
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