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Effects Pedal manufacturer One Control recently partnered with Bjorn Uhl, pedal design mastermind behind the Bearfoot FX and Mad Professor brands.

Bjorn has created a vast array harmonic, modulation & time based micro effects for One Control's "BJF Series FX".

Our friends at One Control's North American distribution, SF Marketing asked us to build them a pedalboard showcasing One Control's Programmable Switcher, the Crocodile Tail Loop, their Micro Distro Power Solution and the BJF Series FX.

Using the Crocodile Tail Loop's Sync Function we were able to link 2x units together to create a 20 loop programmable switcher.

To increase the functionality of the system for it's intended guitar show & retail store visits, we added some extra features.

A Power & Signal Routing Switching Circuit so that the signal can be routed to an external guitar amp or the on board Quilter Labs Micro Block 45 Amplifier with Headphone & Speaker Cabinet Outputs.

We installed 2x Nice Rack Canada Spillover Mixers on the output of the Sea Turquoise Delay & Prussian Blue Reverb.

We brightened up the display with some LittleLite LED Task lamps and some ambience LED's with a custom power supply.

You can catch this plethora of tone options at it's first tour stop this weekend, at the 7th Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit. Our friends from One Control's office will be on hand to offer guided demos of the product line. They'll also be giving away one of their "Dumble in a box", the "Golden Acorn Overdrive"

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