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Toronto based producer / writer / sideman / guitarist extraordinaire Dusty Chesterfield recently visited our shop for a chat about pedalboards and making his work flow easier & better sounding.

The results are pictured here. It's a Evidence Audio cable with SquarePlug & Switchcraft connectors, series wired affair featuring some of the absolute standards in effects pedals & amplification.

Given the wide variety of Dusty's work load between producing, writing, gigging & scoring he needed a wide variety of standard setting tone tools all packaged in a easy to set up & tear down pedalboard system to compliment his Mesa Boogie Mark V combo amp.

The signal flow for this genre spanning pedalboard is;

Guitar --> Input Buffer --> Signal Order Reverse Circuit Input
Send A --> Dunlop/Custom Audio Electronics Wah Pedal --> Digitech Whammy --> Return A
Send B--> KHDK Scuzz Box --> Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini --> Xotic RC Boost --> Return B
Signal Order Reverse Circuit Output --> Xotic SP Compressor --> Mark V Input --> Mark V Send --> Boss Chorus Ensemble --> MXR/EVH Phase 90 --> Tribute Audio Designs Tremor --> Strymon El Capistan --> Boss DD5 Delay --> Tribute Audio Designs Verbo --> Nice Rack Canada Clean Boost & Tuner Split --> Xotic EP Booster --> TC Electronic Ditto --> Mute Switch --> Mark V Return.

In every "electric" guitar system, full considerations must be given to the quality of the voltage & current powering the audio devices. This system is powered by the clean, quiet, isolated and built like a tank MXR/Custom Audio Electronics MC403.

We often include "special" items in a system build that reflect the unique needs of the player we're building the system for. In this instance we've built a custom footswitch for the Mesa Mark V that has only the functions the client wants on the switch and none of the functions he doesn't want.

We also included a Favourite switch for the El Capistan to expand it's functional use in the system and a Tap Tempo switch that syncs the DD5 with the El Capistan for creating rhythmic delay patterns that don't sound like shoes in a dryer.

You can hear this rig in action on the new Irene Theo release on Synch Audio, or you can skip right to the good stuff and buy it at http://bit.ly/IreneTheo.

Bring us your story of how you use your gear and we'll build you a comprehensive system that meets all of your criteria.

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