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With great players comes great opportunity for rig builders. This Nice Rack Canada pedalboard system for The Guess Who's Derek Sharp is one of those instances.

Derek contacted us looking to have a series wired fly weight rig put together for his various gigging adventures with The Guess Who, Sass Jordan and many others all over the planet.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to build tone tools to honour a legacy of legendary Canadian songwriting for a genuinely nice person & super talented player.

The system had to meet checked luggage dimensional criteria, sound amazing and integrate with rental backlines all over the world.

To help meet these criteria we replaced some of Derek's older pedals of larger & heavier dimensions. We introduced Derek to the MXR Phase 95, Xotic SL Drive, Xotic Wah, Strymon El Capistan & Strymon Lex. The Strymon Zuma Power Supply is a natural fit with this system's criteria with it's compact weight, size and universal input voltage feature.

The signal flow for this pedalboard is;
Guitar --> Nice Rack Canada Input Buffer & Tuner Split to TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini Noir --> Xotic SP Compressor --> Xotic Wah -->  Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini --> Xotic SL Drive --> MXR Phase 95 --> Strymon Lex --> Strymon El Capistan --> Xotic EP Boost --> Nice Rack Canada Clean Boost --> Fender Deluxe Amplifier.

Among the custom touches we built for this system are El Capistan & Lex Favourite Switches to expand the functionality of the system while not expanding the footprint. We also included a footswitch to control the Amplifier's Tremolo Circuit.

Regardless if you are an aspiring musician or established legend, we build every system to the same standard from premium quality materials. We create tone tools that deliver value to players with every single performance.

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