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#NGD  #ModelingPlatformMonday

We're a little busy today exploring the latest addition to the Fractal Audio line up!

Since day 1 at Nice Rack Canada we've been working closely with Fractal Audio products to deliver the best in tone & logistic functionality to our customers.

We are your "1 Stop Shop" for all Fractal Audio matters in Canada.

We design & build rack or pedalboard systems for clients featuring Fractal Audio designs. We can also facilitate a "1 invoice" treatment for clients who want their purchases and rig build on 1 invoice with no logistic concerns for the client.

We offer in depth programming services for helping clients learn to use the products to maximum efficiency.

We can also provide programming support for clients who need multiple presets & scenes built to accommodate their set list.

We are also the after market one stop for all warranty matters in Canada via the Fractal Audio website's service ticket extension.

If you're considering a rig based on a Fractal Audio product and would like a guided demo session on the Axe FX III, Axe II XL +, AX8 or FX8 contact us today to schedule your session.