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A few of our favourite pieces of gear all in one Nice Rack Canada system for a local client.

Many pieces of guitar gear enter the market, and often leave just as quick. There are certain well designed & built items that sound amazing and hold their market position very well. This system features some of those stalwart items.

Harmonic & Dynamic shaping provided by the limited edition Red version Xotic SP Compressor, EP Booster, SL Drive, Soul Driven & Wah.

Standard setting classic tape delay emulations by the Strymon El Capistan with modification for MIDI Tempo Sync.

The Eventide H9 is a veritable studio quality workbench of effects processing. In this application the H9’s cover delays, modulations, diatonics & sub octaves.

All of this tasty tone hardware is switched by the RJM Music Effects Gizmo. The RJM Music Switch Gizmo is also employed to help with the El Capistan’s sync, Favourite Settings and System Mutes. All controlled by the world’s best MIDI controller for Guitar, the RJM Music MasterMind GT-10.

The entire system including controller, wah & cabling all travels in the rack, minimizing case count and truck space.

When you’re ready to take your gear from a collection of good stuff into a great system, call on Nice Rack Canada.

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