Nice Rack Canada recently built this stacked double pedalboard system for a local client who is a connoisseur of harmonics.

This system combines some of the best in modern music engineering with the grass roots of guitar effects.

The audio switching & MIDI control is provided by the RJM Music MasterMind PBC. Since this unit's arrival on the market a few years ago, this machine has defined the standard for "all in one" Audio Switcher & MIDI Controllers.

By fully maximizing the audio & MIDI capabilities of the MasterMind PBC we were able to develop a "Wet Dry Wet" signal flow that encompasses 15 audio devices under MIDI control.

The signal flow for this double decker of tone is;

"Dry Board "   Guitar --> PBC In 1-4 --> Loop 1 Berkos Third Stone --> Loop 2 rehoused Dunlop Octavio --> Loop 3 RMC Wah --> Loop 4 MXR Dyna Comp --> PBC Out 1-4 --> Strymon Mobius Pre Connections --> PBC In 5-6 --> Loop 5 Dry Bell Vibe Machine --> Loop 6 Xotic RC Boost --> PBC Out 5-6 --> MIDI Controlled Audio Insert Point --> PBC In 7-10 --> Loop 7 Hermida Zen Drive --> Loop 8 Vemuram Jan Ray --> Loop 9 Strymon Mobius Post Connections --> Loop 10 Ernie Ball MVP Volume Pedal --> PBC Out 1 --> Dry Amp,

"Wet Board"   PBC Out 2 --> Eventide H9 #1 In --> Strymon TimeLine --> Eventide H9 #2 --> Left & Right Wet Amps.

The system's power is much like it's effects choices, a combination of old & new technologies. On the new front the Strymon Zuma + 2x Ojai are in use and on the old school route, a Vertex Battery Power Supply.

Experienced giggers know that the first rule of gigging is "when not if", so be prepared. In the system's custom In & Out Connections boxes we included some special considerations to adapt to the real world of rental backline gigs.

PBC Output 1 to the Dry amp can be switched into the system "bail out" mixer. Combining the 100% dry signal with the 100% wet Signal from the H9's & TimeLine into a "50/50" blended signal to the Wet Amps. This reconfigures the system output from Wet Dry Wet to Stereo Wet & Dry Parallel.

Another switching function in the Wet Board's I/O Box is the Right Output from the Wet Board can be mixed into a Phase Corrected, "Stacked" Mono signal. This reconfigures the rig to a Mono Wet & Dry Parallel System.

Each of the two board fit into custom gig bags that are the same dimensions as the owner's telecaster case. Making the entire system (3 amps, 2 boards & 4 guitars) fit comfortably into the back of a hatchback car.

No matter where on the sonic timeline your tone fantasies lay, Nice Rack Canada can build you an optimized rack or pedalboard system to encompass all of your criteria and take your playing experience to new heights.