Nice Rack Canada recently shipped this Fractal Audio AX8 pedalboard system to a “Praise & Worship” Bassist in Connecticut. There’s going to be some fat bottom Sundays in the “Constitution State”.

As with many other P&W players the rig’s output is being sent direct to FOH & IEM’s, with no speakers in use. Based on this criteria and the degree of forward flexibility that the every changing setlist presents, the Fractal Audio AX8 is the perfect tool for this job.

To facilitate any future use criteria, Nice Rack Canada included connectivity for DAW / Sequencer MIDI In, MIDI Out to Keys/DAW etc, Stereo Outputs to FOH & Monitors with Switchable Ground Isolation on each Output.

The Expression Pedals are assigned as, #1 Global Volume, #2 Per Preset External Control.

The Connections for Expression Pedals #3 & 4, have been re-assigned as Expression Switches to toggle between the two values as opposed to sweeping. There are 1x Momentary & 1x Latching Switch, both assigned as necessary on a “Per Preset” basis.

These are great tools for Rotary Block Speed Switches, Momentary Feedback Swells, Momentary Input Breaks for “Stutters”. The uses are only limited to the player’s creative demands.

Want your rig to set up & tear down in less than 1 minute? Want to achieve the maximum degree of user value from your gear investment? Nice Rack Canada can help you achieve more than you ever thought possible from your playing experience.